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Every person with an account on RipeNearMe also has a profile visible on the site. It shows a little bit about you, what you grow, and more. Want to see how your profile looks? Log in, click your name top right, then click Public Profile.

Visit your public profile


What information is visible?

Basic information that displays on your public profile includes your name, profile picture, short bio, and the produce you've listed and subscribed to. You can edit these details by updating your account. An activity feed also shows reviews, comments and more that you have posted.

Public profile example


Your address is not published online, however the location you enter when listing your produce will be represented as a pin on a map. If you are concerned about security there is a tip here.



Add links to your social media profiles

You can also include links to your social media profiles, so that other users can find you on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Add social media links

To add links, edit your account and select the Social links tab. Scroll down to the list of websites and corresponding editable url fields, then copy and paste your profile url in the respective field and save when done.

Links to your profile on other social websites


If you have logged in with social media a link to your 3rd party profile will have automatically been added.