Post your self-grown food

Responding to requests

As a grower, when someone requests your produce on RipeNear.Me we let you know right away via email. You can view all your requests anytime by logging in and visiting your Requests page.

Your requests page


Click view to see the details and message for any request. To respond, scroll down to the action tabs:

Action tabs


Select the correct tab for you situation:

  • Accept

    Choose this option if you have the items requested and will sell, swap or give them to the buyer.

  • Comment

    This allows you to send a message without performing any other action, in case you want to clarify the buyers requests, or send extra information.

  • Change

    You can easily change the quanity or price of the order to match your current availability.

  • Decline

    Use this option if you've run out of the produce requested, or if you'd simply prefer not to go ahead.


Enter a message, and submit when you're ready. We'll let the buyer know - easy as that!