Post your self-grown food

While viewing the search results page you can easily filter the results to find exactly what you want. Here are the various filter elements, and how they can be used:

Available filters

  • Price

    You can have the map only show results that fit a certain price range. For example if you wanted bananas that were more than $1 but less than $5, you would enter "1" in the min field and "5" in the max field. The results will automatically update once you click away from the field.

    To find only free listings you can enter a "0" in the max field.

  • Ripe vs Growing

    Produce listings can be listed as either ripe or growing. By default the map will show all listings, however you can show only ripe, or only growing, by selecting either button under Status.

  • Public vs Private

    Similar to Ripe vs Growing, both pubic and private listings will display by default. You can narrow your search by selecting the buttons under Public or Private.

  • Categories

    The category filter is the best way to find a specific food on the map. When you click Select Category a dymanically updated list appears below - any type of produce that currently appears in the search results will be in this list. Select the items that you would like to be displayed - everthing else will be hidden.

Select categories expanded