Post your self-grown food

The basics of adding produce to RipeNear.Me

Anyone can list produce to share!1 Even if you don't grow food yourself, you can help grow the community by posting produce growing on public land.

The process of adding your listing is incredibly simple. Start by clicking the Post your self-grown food button, top right of any page. See the step by step guide for help.

The post your self-grown food button


Private vs Public

There are two distinct types of produce listed on RipeNearMe:

Private produce is food that you grow on your own property. You own the property and the food growing on it, and when you post it to RipeNear.Me you have control over the price and details.

Public produce is food growing on public property and freely accessible/available to everyone. For example it could be an olive tree growing in a public park, in the wild, or on a road verge (council property). A tree that is growing on private property but hangs over to public space (a sidewalk, for example) is still considered private produce. If you'd like to see such a tree listed on RipeNear.Me contact the property owner.


What can and can't be listed?

Any fruit, nuts, vegetables, eggs, honey or other fresh produce item can be listed on RipeNearMe. You can sell and share produce you grow yourself, and post food you spot growing in public places. There are, however certain things you cannot post:

  • Produce grown by others (in other words you cannot be a reseller of produce)
  • Processed foods
  • Meat or other products that require the slaughter of livestock

Since we cannot guarantee the welfare or humane slaughter of animals meat cannot be sold through RipeNear.Me. It may be considered in the future, provided adequate guarantees can be established.



Providing an accurate location for your listings helps ensure you attract local buyers, however there are situations where you might like to keep your location a little more private. We suggest you drop the pin for your produce at the next major road if privacy is a concern for you. Try to keep it as close to the actual location as possible, otherwise users nearby won't be able to find your food.


1Of course, we highly recommend (and request) parental guidance and supervision of minors. It's also important that you abide by the terms of use, and we'd love it if you'd respect other users and treat them the way you'd like to be treated.