Post your self-grown food

Find food growing ripe under your nose

Eat better tasting food

Eat better tasting food

You’ve experienced it: store bought food that looks fantastic, but tastes bland. Commercial food chains reward growers for produce that sells first, and has flavour second.

Homegrown food is the opposite. We select varieties that burst with flavour and goodness, and can ignore a little blemish here and there.

Industrialised agriculture rewards growers who’s food travels and stores well, which means produce is picked while firm (before it’s ripe). Sometimes that means lengthy cold storage, and the use of artificial ripening agents.

Homegrown food is allowed to ripen on the plant, and fully soak up all the sweetness and nutrients that makes a foodie want to cry (with joy).

Hand pick your food

Sure, supermarkets and green grocers are convenient, but can anything beat picking your own food straight from the plant?

Hand pick your food

How about meeting the chickens who laid your eggs, or the bees that made your honey?

Exactly how many people have handled that 'fresh' food you’re about to buy?

More variety

More variety

There are more than 20,000 edible plant species in the world, and less than 200 of them are cultivated commercially. Large scale monoculture farms are becoming more widespread, at the cost of biodiversity and food security.

Fruits like loquats, mulberries, and abiu have fantastic flavour, but don’t travel well. They're hard to find on a supermarket shelf, but delicious straight off the tree!

Heirloom varieties in all shapes, sizes and colours have been grown for thousands of years by small scale farmers and gardeners. Most are deemed too small, ugly, slow or difficult for maximum commercial profit. RipeNear.Me places the decision of plant variety in the communities hands - after all, variety is the spice of life!

Mostly organic

Passionate food lovers and growers don't want to eat chemicals and nasty additives.

Home growers and small scale farmers are often the most keen adopters of organic growing and sustainable gardening methods.

We believe most of what you'll find on RipeNear.Me is raised with nothing more than sunlight, rainwater, organic compost and a lot of care.

Of course, this is great news for our soil, waterways, wildlife and environment. It keeps chemicals out of our ecosystems and preserves the future of our beautiful planet.

Connect with your community

Connect with your community

Great food is grown by great people! You’ll find individual growers, local markets, and swap meets are all around you.

How well do you know your neighbours, or the people living in your street and town?

Food is a well known connector of people. gives you the tools to make friends with like-minded people living nearby.

Connect with nature

How many times have you ever said "Ah, that's how they grow!".

In a world where ingredients are known by numbers perhaps something is wrong?

RipeNear.Me aims to bring the true nature of food back into our urban spaces.

Imagine a world where roadsides, yards and roofs are lined with food, growing silently as the sun shines. Think of trees, vines, bushes and greenery all around, and the sound of birds chirping as the wind rustles through the leaves. You're probably starting to feel better already.

It's only natural that nature makes you happy.

Support local growers

Support local growers

By buying local and homegrown food you'll support local growers and your community. As a bonus, your home town will become more self sufficient, healthier and more attractive.

Consumers drive change: you vote with your wallet every time you make a purchase.

Do the world a favour

Did you know supermarket-bought food may well be better traveled than you?

Read the label and you might find it's crossed continents, traversed oceans or flown in planes. One study estimates that a person on a typical Western diet effectively "consumes" nearly a U.S. gallon of diesel every day!

Local food supports a better planet, and RipeNear.Me makes going local easy.