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Finding food / produce

Enter your location in the search field located on top of on any page. Hit enter or click search. Voilà!

Need more help with this? See the detailed articles in our help section.

Of course! On the search page you can filter by category, price, ownership and current availability. is still brand new, and we rely on people like you to post food. You can help out by adding your own produce, spotting food growing on public land, or spreading the word with people you know.

You need to make arrangements with local growers to exchange food/money. Some growers may provide delivery.

In the future RipeNear.Me may consider adding the ability for growers to take orders and display delivery directly through our site. If you'd like to see that wish come true please let us know.

Check for reviews posted by for the food. If there are no reviews see if the grower has posted other items and check feedback for those. You may also want to contact the grower and ask questions.

And if all else fails give the food a go! Be brave, and remember to add a review for other users to see.

Everything listed on RipeNear.Me is grown by other users (not RipeNear.Me) and therefore we cannot offer guarantee. Individual growers/sellers may provide a guarantee if they wish.

After searching for the area or produce you'd like, set the maximum price filter to $0 and update.

Alternatively you could also show only public produce, however this would not show free produce that is grown privately.

Read more about filters.

You contact a grower by submitting a request. First navigate to the produce you'd like, then click "Request now".

Learn more about requesting produce.

Click on subscribe on the produce page that you'd like to subscribe to.
Learn more about subscriptions.

Growing / selling produce

Anyone with a RipeNear.Me account and produce to share! And even if you don't grow food yourself, you can help grow the community by posting produce growing on public land.

Of course, we highly recommend (and request) parental guidance and supervision of minors.

It's really easy!

There's a big red button top right that says "Post your self-grown food". Push the red button!

If you want a step by step guide our help section is your friend.

Your buyers will find you with the help of our mapping and search tools. In the future we may allow you to search for local users who are interested in buying produce you grow. If you'd like to see this feature please let us know.

Yes, of course. Just list your food for free by leaving the price field blank.

That's entirely up to you. You might consider what similar produce sells for locally, and set your price accordingly. Or even give it away!

RipeNear.Me don't provide a payment gateway for you to sell directly through our site. You can independently arrange payment and shipment directly with your buyers if you wish.

We suggest you drop the pin for your produce at the next major road if privacy is a concern for you. Try to keep it as close to the actual location as possible, otherwise users nearby won't be able to find your food.

We suggest you first grow things you like to eat!

If you plan on selling your produce you may consider:

  • What is popular at the moment?
  • What is popular in your area?
  • What is available at local markets/supermarkets, and what isn't?

It may be a good idea to differentiate yourself from commercial food suppliers by focusing on produce or varieties that are not generally available. You'll find buyers are interested in them, and often you can command a better price (based on their rarety).

You can sell and share produce you grow yourself, and post food you spot growing in public places. There are, however certain things you cannot post:

  • Produce grown by others (in other words you cannot be a reseller of produce)
  • Processed foods
  • Meat or other products that require the slaughter of livestock

Since we cannot guarantee the welfare or humane slaughter of animals meat cannot be sold through RipeNear.Me. It is not ruled out for future developments, provided adequate guarantees can be established.

Income you make through sales of produce through RipeNear.Me may be taxable in your country. We suggest you speak with a tax or accounting consultant for professional advice.

Simple! Visit the page for your produce, and click "Flag as ripe", located in the Options block on the right hand side. You can also find the "Flag as ripe" link for each item in your My Produce collection.

Your subscribers will receive an email letting them know. Just remember to set your produce's status back to "growing" when you no longer have any available.

Your subscribers will receive an email when you add a comment to your produce. Alternatively you can contact individual users by sending them a message from their profile page.

Navigate to your produce and click Un-publish, located in the Options block on the right side of the page. Your produce will now be only visible by you.

Note that listings cannot be deleted, since all reviews and comments would then be orphaned. Please contact us if you have a circumstance where you would like to delete your listing, rather than just make it private.


Great question! We're written an entire article about this in our help section.

Private produce is food that you grow on your own property. You own the property and the food growing on it, and when you post it to RipeNear.Me you have control over the price and details.

Public produce is food growing on public property and freely accessible/available to everyone. For example it could be an olive tree growing in a public park, in the wild, or on a road verge (council property). A tree that is growing on private property but hangs over to public space (a sidewalk, for example) is still considered private produce. If you'd like to see such a tree listed on RipeNear.Me contact the property owner.

Friendships here are very similar to other social networking sites. It allows you to better communicate and follow each others activities online.

The people who you will share, swap buy or sell food with are normally locals in your community. In other words they are just neighbors you might not have met yet, and usually you'll find they're great people with similar interests to you.

With that in mind, we'd encourage you to employ the same safety measures you would in any other circumstance, as relevant to your community.

If you have dependents/children who are using RipeNear.Me it is important (and your responsibility) to monitor their activity and ensure they correspond only with people you trust. As with all activity online, care should also be taken when giving away your exact location/address.

RipeNear.Me doesn't collect money on behalf of our growers/sellers, so check with the seller regarding their preferred payment method.

Our help section should be your first port of call. There you'll find detailed tutorials and screenshots.
If you still can't find what you're looking for contact us.

We'd love to hear any ideas, suggestions or feedback you have that would make RipeNear.Me even better. Use our contact page to get in touch.

If you want to report inappropriate behavior of another user or have an issue with RipeNear.Me please let us know through our contact page. We'll do our best to help as quickly as possible.

Not yet, but they are on our radar for future developments. If you'd like to see an app for your smartphone please let us know.

Account Settings

Navigate to your Edit Account page. Click "Social Links" in the submenu, add the URL for your social profiles, and click Submit.

Click on your name and profile picture (located in the top right of the screen) and then click "Edit Account".