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Top 3 new features you may not know about

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 12th February 2015

As part of the RipeNear.Me community you may have wondered: how can I make the search page default to my location? Or how can I speed up the process of adding my produce? Or how can I get more requests for my produce, when it’s in season?

Well  wonder no more - we’ve been working away to make finding and sharing produce easier. Here’s the top 3 improvements we’ve made recently:


1. Save your location


Actually, this isn’t so much a new feature as a redesigned one. Previously we used your device’s location settings to zoom our maps to where you are, but it turns out that your devices without GPS get lost. By like 3000 miles. A lot... I’m looking at you, desktop computer!

So, we’ve made it easier (and more obvious) to save your location. Here’s why this is awesome:

  • Super easy search

    The search bar remembers your location and prepopulates the text field so you can forage online with just one click.

  • Adding produce is much faster

    No more entering your location for every listing. Just set it once and RipeNear.Me remembers it for you.

  • Other cool stuff

    You're going to love some of the stuff we have in the pipeline!

Oh, and you can save or edit your default location any time by editing your account (seriously, what are you waiting for?!).


2. Requests for “growing” produce


As a grower, you want to collect subscribers for your produce when your listing is growing, but you don’t want to get requests for out of season produce. So now we’ve made it so that potential buyers who request your unripe/growing produce will be prompted to subscribe rather than send you a message. It’s a real time saver!

Tip: just make sure that your produce is set to the right status (ripe vs growing) so that you don’t miss out on those requests!


3. Better social media sharing


Want to get more requests for your produce? Sharing your listing on social media is a logical next step. We’ve made big improvements to how your post will display in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites so that you get a much higher response. Go ahead and give it a try: share some of your produce.


4. Bonus feature!


We love a freeby, so here’s a bonus feature for you: we created a nifty help section with hints and tips to get the most of RipeNear.Me (both online and off!).



So that’s the top 3 (well, 4). We’ve done a lot of other fine tuning and improvements, and have a lot more in the works. So stay tuned, and drop us a line with any ideas or suggestions that would make RipeNear.Me better for you.



This was our sustenance while debating the top 3 features for this article. Nothing like homegrown plums picked straight off your neighbour's’ tree.

Sherri Gerlach

Pretty! Is there any plan to allow sellers/offers to submit pics of the food they are offering? Would help one decide if the drive is worth it. Love your site!!

Wed, 12/23/2015 - 02:22

Ripe Near Me

Hi Sherri, Yes, growers can submit a picture (or several) for each of their listings. Happy foraging!

Wed, 12/30/2015 - 10:50

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