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Ryan's Story

Submitted by Alistair Martin on 17th June 2013

Meet Ryan. He's one of our first growers on RIpe Near Me in sunny Adelaide, South Australia. Ryan grows some of the best silverbeet (chard) in the Adelaide Plains right in his own backyard. We caught up with him recently when he picked up some eggs in exchange for his greens. Watch the video to see what Ryan had to say.

Do you have an interesting story or video about selling, buying or exchanging your produce on Ripe Near Me? We would love to hear your experiences! It might just inspire others to grow their own and in time create edible urban cities where usable land is put to good use producing natural and nutritious food for ourselves and our neighbours.

Dale Morgan

Excellent, what a great idea. Good luck with it I can't wait to have some excess produce to contribute. Dale Morgan

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 16:41

Alistair Martin

Thanks Dale! Let us know how you go and feel free to send us a video or feedback about your experience.

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 20:52

Emma Brelsford

Hi Allistair - I've just joined up today and sent my first message hoping to swap some produce. I've got lemons and chook eggs to swap and am also involved in my local once a month community food swap. I also write a blog about my food growing/finding/swapping adventures at I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am about the birth of

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 13:25

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