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OuiShare Fest Awards Finalists

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 17th April 2014

On 5-7th May 2014 over one thousand people will descend on the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris to attend the world's biggest collaborative party - OuiShare Fest.

Pioneers, innovators, sharers, visionaries, challengers, global thinkers, social entrepreneurs and architects gather to mesh minds and showcase ideas that could potentially change the world and how society currently functions.

RipeNearMe - as an initiative focused on shaking up the food system by bringing real food back into the hands of ordinary people, backyards and community gardens while minimising food waste and championing food security - is the only Australian initiative to be nominated as a finalist for the OuiShareFest Awards. We've been invited to attend and present our project on the main stage and woo voters so that we may take home the top honors. Unfortunately, there is a distinct possibility that we won't be able to get to Paris. Nevertheless, RipeNearMe can still make it an Australian win if we have your help.

Scoring for the awards consists of two parts; online and offline (at the event). Online voting begins on the 21st of April and will close on the 4th May, and counts toward 1/3 of the total score. Offline votes account for 2/3 of the score, are are tallied from attendee votes at OuiShareFest after hearing from all finalists.

Please mark April 21st in your diary as the day you need to vote online for RipeNearMe at OuiShare. And if you're able to make it to Paris between 5th - 7th of May be sure to give us your offline vote - or take us with you, either way.

Regardless of the results it is a remarkable validation of our efforts so far to be recognized and selected by the world's largest collaborative celebration. Thanks really goes to you, our community, for using RipeNearMe, providing feedback, and helping us create a better and more edible world! Give yourself a pat on the back next time you head out to the garden.

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