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A new way to request produce

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 4th April 2015

We’re super excited to let you know about a huge improvement recently launched on RipeNear.Me. It’s now easier than ever to request produce, and manage the requests you’ve sent and received.

Previously, we used a fairly generic “send message” functionality. It was a little bit stale, and for first time users it was difficult to understand exactly how it worked.

Requests have now been completely overhauled. When you click “Request now” on that fabulous, in-season listing you’ve just found you’ll be greeted with an interface that just makes sense.


A new request


You can adjust the quantity, and if the grower has more than one food ripe you can add others to your request.

What was great about our previous “send message” system was the community and personal feeling. So we made sure we kept that by including the ability to send messages as often as you need/like. You can include a message with your request to really personalise things!


Messages keep it personal and real


When you’re ready, hit “Send request”. We’ll forward an email to the grower, and will keep you up to date on the status.

We’ve also made it really easy to view all of your sent and received listings in one place - the Requests tab.


Requests tab


We hope you love this new request flow as much as we do! To get more details on how it works visit our help section, and as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy growing and foraging!

Christine Whitesman

I hate having to log in to see a message. I'd like the site much more if when I receive a message from someone, I could just click on the email from you, see it, and reply directly, instead of repeatedly having to log in.

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 12:19

Ripe Near Me

Hi Christine, Next time you log in click "Remember me" so that your device keeps you logged in. Then you'll be able to access messages directly from the link in the email, without logging in every time :)

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 12:38

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