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Submitted by Alistair Martin on 20th October 2013

An old saying goes, “You eat with your eyes first.” Well over here at RipeNearMe we couldn't agree more. That is why over the past few weeks and months we've been hard at work beautifying our design on mobile and tablet devices. We're putting the beauty of natural, local food back in your hands.

Imagine This…

Karen has traveled halfway around the world, leaving home and the local food of Denver, Colorado to visit Melbourne, Australia - a trip every American should take! In her travels she happens upon two wonderful things; a mulberry tree growing in a park and RipeNearMe.

She eats her fill of mulberries, and since she’s only passing through Karen faces a dilemma; too many berries and not enough time. Rather than seeing them go to waste, however, Karen takes out her phone and quickly snaps a picture.

In just a matter of seconds, she hops on RipeNearMe, uploads her picture and location, and sets onwards again; happy to know that many others will enjoy those berries thanks to her quick thinking – and the community at RipeNearMe.

Fresh Food For Everyone

Whether you’re after mulberries in Australia, local food in Denver or you grow your own mutant carrots, we want you to be able to share and find fresh produce from anywhere, anytime. Our new design allows you to do just that, from any smartphone or tablet device (and of course from your desktop too!).

Juggling files between devices is often cumbersome and just plain too hard. We get that, and that’s why we’ve made it possible to manage all your produce from your phone. Want to share your extra crop of cucumbers? Add a new listing while you’re on the train to work. See a mulberry tree? Take a picture and share it with your community from the smartphone in your hand.

Long story short: it’s easier now than ever to join your community in the joys of local produce.

Latest improvements

Though our blog has been a little bit quiet, we’ve been really busy working behind the scenes. Along with our mobile and tablet friendly tweaks, we’ve also:
  • Improved search filter displays that help you find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Enhanced image galleries for all listings
  • Added tool tips that display when you hover over produce icons
  • And ironed out a bunch of small creases and usability issues
So now is a great time to forage for local food in Denver, Melbourne, Auckland, Zanzibar - anywhere really! Check out our improvements and let us know if you spot a bug that needs eradication (our pest control is purely organic).

Join the Homegrown Food Revolution

So whether you are a local food aficionado or new to the world of hand raised foods, we've just made it a little easier to find food that's right near you and Ripe Near Me.

Emma Brelsford

Hi there - is this an app for the phone or just a mobile friendly website? Cheers

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 13:22

Elizabeth Stewart

How do we post to the group? I'd like to find out about organising a food swap day and maybe bottling days for excess produce from gardens in my neighbourhood.

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 07:30

Paul Hill

Nowadays, most of the world food distribution and food security are in trouble. Even fruit and vegetables sold in supermarkets are no longer fresh, but are kept in cold storage for months at a time, flown in from all over the world and often riddled with pesticides, preservatives and other artificial additives. As a result, they lack the flavor and nutrients of food grown fresh in your own backyard.

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 18:55

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