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Event: People Powered Food in South Brisbane

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 14th April 2014

RipeNearMe is excited to announce an event co-hosted with Slow Food Brisbane: People Powered Food.

The one and only Costa Georgiadis will be there, along with the Formidable Vegetable Sound System's Charlie Mgee. It'll be a great chance to meet Costa, mix and mingle, and groove to some permaculture tunes.

What else is happening at the event?

Costa will be launching our fundraising campaign (which will allow us to do some incredible new things - more on that later). While we'd love to have you chip in, contributions are totally optional and the event is free.

Both of our co-founders, Alistair and Helena Martin, will be there, so you can meet them and say "hi".

We're also holding a produce swap (so bring some homegrown food!) with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, and there'll be slow food and drinks available.... And much, much more to be announced later, so grab yourself a free ticket now!

Event Poster

Best Costa look-a-like wins a prize!

Get your beard on and be there to be in the running. Prizes to be announced closer to the event - but rest assured they'll be awesome!

So, remember to grab your tickets and get on down to South Brisbane on Tuesday 13th May, anytime from 4:30pm. Bring a friend and spread the word, and we look forward to sharing a great night with you!

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