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Big map improvements

Submitted by Alistair Martin on 1st February 2014

Hungry for homegrown food? Your online foraging experience has just been improved! We’ve made a spade-full of changes that will make it easier to find homegrown produce nearby.

Here’s a summary of the latest changes we’ve made your your food browsing experience:

Produce search, not just location

First on the list of our big improvement is the ability to search based on the food you want to find, rather than just by location. You can enter apples, oranges or organic and find the listings that meet those terms.

By default the map will display at your device’s location. Sometimes your browser won’t tell RipeNearMe where you are exactly, so you may see results somewhere a little different. You could either zoom and scroll the map, or add a location to your search term such as Lemons in Auckland.

Clustering and exposing pins behind pins

Previously we had a big problem on our map when two pins shared the same space. It was something we might have seen coming (but didn’t) as there was no easy way to see what was hidden behind the pin on top. It’s a thing of the past, now. You’ll notice that pins will cluster or stack together now when this happens.

Fruit and veg map pin clustering

Click on any cluster when zoomed all the way in and all the pins will appear. You can hover and see the popup as you normally would.

Show fruit and vegetable pins behind pins

Popup close button

We also thought it would be handy, particularly with pin clusters, to be able to close popups a little easier. We’ve introduced a close button that can be found top right of any map popup.

The case of Victoria

Previously if a person in Melbourne, Australia searched for Victoria they’d have found themselves in Canada (the capital of British Columbia) on our map, rather than their state in Australia.

We’ve now made the map default to the nearest location when using a common name like Victoria, Virginia, or Albert Park. Google’s map API (which we use) still prefers states over cities, so it's not 100% foolproof. Canadians may still find themselves down-under in the case of Victoria, so when in doubt add a more complete address, like Victoria BC.

Our improvements work great for post/zip codes, too. Give them a try.

Performance improvements

General fixes have been applied to make the map smoother and easier to use, with less map flickering.


Overall we’ve spent quite a bit of time listening, researching and improving so you find it easier to find fruit nearby, or search for vegetables, nuts and more. We hope you enjoy the latest improvements to RipeNearMe’s online foraging experience.

Remember, everything you find through our site is added by people like you. It's why we need your food. There's never been a better time to grow, share and connect. Help us shake up the food system by sharing RipeNearMe with your friends, family and neighbours. More people = more food for all!

Chris Reynolds

new to site, sounds more simple to navigate.

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 16:43

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