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Announcing our Continental Collaboration

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 12th February 2017

Announcing our Continental Collaboration

We’re excited to reveal another great new feature here on the website – and one that will help you prepare even tastier meals with your RipeNear.Me produce!

We’ve partnered with Continental to create an online integration that enables you to pair your RipeNear.Me produce with delicious dinnertime inspiration. It works like this: locate fresh, home-grown vegetables or herbs in your area and we’ll provide you with great Continental recipes that you can make with them.  Alternatively, visit the Continental website, select the recipe you want to make and we’ll help you source the locally-grown ingredients you need to cook your dish with. 


A new way to request produce

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 4th April 2015

Green zebra tomatoes

We’re super excited to let you know about a huge improvement recently launched on RipeNear.Me. It’s now easier than ever to request produce, and manage the requests you’ve sent and received.

Previously, we used a fairly generic “send message” functionality. It was a little bit stale, and for first time users it was difficult to understand exactly how it worked.

A Productive Backyard Surprise

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 3rd April 2015

Tangerine Meg

Tangerine Meg is an artist and graphic designer living in suburban Adelaide with her husband, adult son and 2 orange cats. Meg's thing is Bold Art for Bold Souls – her favourite subject matter includes fruit, veggies and flowers from the garden.


We spoke with Tangerine Meg about her abundant, backyard garden, and what she shared with us makes for a great read!


Top 3 new features you may not know about

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 12th February 2015

Top 3 new features you may not know about

As part of the RipeNear.Me community you may have wondered: how can I make the search page default to my location? Or how can I speed up the process of adding my produce? Or how can I get more requests for my produce, when it’s in season?

Well  wonder no more - we’ve been working away to make finding and sharing produce easier. Here’s the top 3 improvements we’ve made recently:


Social media login

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 7th June 2014

Social media

For those of you who use social media we’ve got some great news for you; we’ve integrated third party login into our improved menu. That means you can log into RipeNear.Me with just one click using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account - without even touching your keyboard!

The steps for connecting with your social media accounts are slightly different depending on whether you already have a RipeNearMe account or not. Read on for important information and tips to get started:

Improved menus, and a new homepage

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 7th June 2014

New homepage

RipeNearMe has a new homepage and menu system! Over time we’ve collected feedback and suggestions on our user interface and navigation. Your feedback (plus a lot of thought and design time) have led to some major improvements.

Seed funding for a huge harvest

Submitted by Alistair Martin on 7th May 2014

Seed funding for a huge harvest

If you're not familiar with our story, RipeNearMe is co-founded by Helena and I. We started with a simple question: "What if we could connect people to food that's growing all around, on roadsides and in neighbour's yards?". We've been on an amazing journey ever since.

We've poured our heart and soul into it, and the feedback we've received has been overwhelming and humbling! RipeNearMe, and what it stands for, seems to strike a chord with people all across the world. There's something about empowering each of us as individuals to collectively reclaim our food system - by simply being part of it in a similar way to our grandparents and the generations before them.

Event: Edible-izing Adelaide

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 5th May 2014

Costa Georgiadis and Sophie Thomson

Good people of Adelaide, it's time to get your beard on and prepare to join us on June 15th. Costa Georgiadis and Sophie Thomson will be leading the charge in an action packed afternoon, designed to edible-ize Adelaide, and help your food growing project come alive. Here's some details on what you can expect:

OuiShare Fest Awards Finalists

Submitted by Ripe Near Me on 17th April 2014

OuiShare Fest Awards

On 5-7th May 2014 over one thousand people will descend on the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris to attend the world's biggest collaborative party - OuiShare Fest.

Pioneers, innovators, sharers, visionaries, challengers, global thinkers, social entrepreneurs and architects gather to mesh minds and showcase ideas that could potentially change the world and how society currently functions.

About RipeNear.Me

RipeNear.Me is a small startup with an ambitious goal.

Driven by a desire to make a positive change, we aim to make it easy to find, share, swap, buy and sell local and homegrown foods.

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